Thursday, August 13, 2009

NewYorkRanger's Blog - An Introduction

Alright, so I've decided to take up blogging. I've decided just boring myself with my thoughts was not nearly enough, so I'm bringing it to Al Gore's internet, and the world. I hope those of you reading this will enjoy my posts and enjoy what I have to share. So, now you're probably asking yourself, "Self, what the hell is this blog going to focus on?"

NewYorkRanger will be focusing on life, his life, and some of the things important to me. First and foremost, there's my family. My beautiful wife, my extraordinarily wonderful daughter, my soon to be extraordinary son will be the primary subjects of any "family posts".

I'll also be focusing on men's clothing. Fresh from my elimination from Esquire magazine's Best Dressed Real Man competition you'll hear my thoughts on the latest trends, some classic styling, bespoke, and any other satorial issues that come to mind. You'll most likely be hearing a lot about my favorite tailor, Frank, over at Ercole's Creative Fashion in Brooklyn and some of my favorite brands. Being a family guy, and not a "baller", you'll most likely see posts that intertwine the two in my posts. You'll also be hearing some about two of my favorite men's web sites, Ask Andy About Clothes and StyleForum. These sites focus on men's clothing and style and have some similarities and some glaring differences. Be forewarned, there may be some "venting".

Some other things that you may read about here from time to time are the New York Rangers, the NHL in general, Manchester City Football Club, the EPL, and international football. Some other sporting events may also be discussed, but the main portion of my sporting commentary will focus on those fora.

You may even hear some opinions on my profession, being a teacher. I don't define myself as one, but it is a profession that I enjoy, and at times love. I enjoy the kids I teach, I enjoy the subject I teach (History) but I do have some serious issues with some stereotyping of the occupation which in my mind has led to the demise of the current "teacher" in the United States.

Hell, you may even hear some political thoughts as well.

I'm sure I'm forgetting somethings, but that's life isn't it? Especially when you have a 14 month old running circles around you.

I hope you all enjoy what I have to say, in yet not another blog.


  1. Rob,

    I look forward to reading your Blog and glad your getting the chance to make it happen.


  2. Congrats. Nice blog.